We coat with quality

The secret of good cooking is in the taste and the secret of good products is in their quality.

That is why taste and quality are the quintessence of our business, which connect our passion for creating products, that are valued for their innovation and our commitment to finding constantly new flavor inspirations.

Meet us

We are a Polish company, operating on the market of food and food additives producers. Years of experience and development have placed us among the leading suppliers of breadcrumbs, coating systems and food additives.Our products find their way to many well-known food product companies, hotels and restaurants, as well as to wholesale grocery retail chains. 


The responsible approach to the selection of raw materials in order to supply the market with food valued for its quality and taste.


We develop and innovate in cooperation with reliable partners, that thanks to our products and solutions win the trust of customers every day.


Our daily actions are based on:
responsibility and partnership,
development and people.

We are BRC certified,
which means comply the detailed safety requirements
and high quality standards of our finished products.

We require that our suppliers work in accordance with the established requirements of the Management System and Food Safety and that grain processing is carried out in an environmentally friendly way.

Quality that we are proud of

Get to know us and our products, and you will see what our Partners value us for.

Raw materials

Verified suppliers guarantee quality and safety of raw materials, giving our products a competitive advantage right from the start. It is the raw materials that ensure that our coating systems and breadcrumbs are appreciated and widely used in many areas of food production.


Baking fresh bread and putting it directly to the drying process is the standard of producing our products. This means that our products do not come from re-baking or so called “returns”.

Natural additives

The use of natural spices and food additives guarantees the repeatability of our products and the constant taste of dishes.


Under sterile conditions and in compliance with the highest quality standards, the products are packed and stored so that they can be delivered to customers in the required time.

We offer not only quality

Comprehensive offer

With multi-variant products and flexible approach to customers expectations, we offer complete coating systems, individual recipes and a wide range of products diversified in terms of application, fraction and raw material.

Safety and control

For us, stability and proven quality of raw materials, a fully controlled production process, optimal solutions of storage safety and investments in the development of machinery are the basis for building the trust of our customers.

Knowledge and experience

A committed and experienced team supports our partners on a daily basis with their knowledge and experience, from technology and quality control over production to sales and marketing support.

Partnership and development

We are a partner to our customers. This allows us to react on an ongoing basis to emerging needs and to respond to them in the shortest possible time.

The indicator of our success of our customers, and the evaluation of our work are recommendations for cooperation with further partners.

For us, this is the best motivation to keep developing, creating innovative products and fulfilling our mission.

Learn more about our products

Retail products

Classic breadcrumbs 450 g

Crispy breadcrumbs 250 g

Breadcrumbs with paprika 250 g

Corn breadcrumbs 200 g

Provence breadcrumbs 400 g

Horeca products

Classic breadcrumbs 5 kg

Crispy breadcrumbs 3 kg

Breadscrumbs with paprika 3 kg

Breadcrumbs with turmeric 3 kg

Corn and chickpea coating 2 kg

Your brand

Breadcrumbs with your brand in a sachet

Breadcrumbs with your brand in a bag

Breadcrumbs with your brand in stabilo-bag

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